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Velentaya Reece is a Vibrational Linguist who channels the language of light, the language of the Akash and written codes to heal and expand an individual beyond the current timeline of disharmony, to 

As you move through your ascension timeline there will always be new Divine Light Codes available to assist you in activating, integrating, and embodying your Divinity. This series serves as an ongoing energetic support system offering tools, teachings, and continued access to these codes of creation.

Enjoy multiple installments of this growing series in aligning to your true essence...Divine Love and to the Source within.

You will receive multiple Divine Light Transmissions along with experiential processes to assist you in holding more light as you move from fear to love and doubt to trust. There is nothing to do but relax, receive, and release.

A variety of galactic, angelic, and other high dimensional guides transmit multidimensional dialects of sacred light information from Source through Velentaya. Every transmission offers frequency recalibrations, DNA activations, deep cellular clearing across multidimensional timelines and the opportunity to experience rapid shifts in all areas of your life.

You will always receive exactly what is needed for your highest healing and transformation.

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