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The Language of Light is a divine language of creation, accessed through the vibration of love.  It is a sacred form of communication that is understood on an unconscious and soul level. Bypassing the

conscious mind, it speaks directly to the heart, the cellular body, and the Higher Self. 


Spoken, signed, written, toned, sung or danced, the Language of Light is a multilayered, multidimensional communication of information from Source that is always sacred, loving, and of the purest intent.  Directly affecting the DNA, it re-codes and activates allowing an awakening of divine gifts, purpose, and connection to the Higher Self.


Light Language, in all of its forms, can create life changing shifts within the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  As the DNA changes, old programs and belief systems clear, moving the body back to harmony and away from sickness. Offering a remembrance of one’s multidimensional history, it reconnects humanity to their soul blueprint and to the higher realms of creation.  


A single transmission can be accessed several times, each time offering a new opportunity for healing. This is due to the many layers of information it carries and the ever changing needs of the energy body. Guided by the Higher Self, the work focuses on the most present problem or trauma, utilizes and integrates what is needed, and stores the rest in the energy field to be accessed when ready.


Light Language can be galactic, angelic, or elemental in nature, often sounding very similar to ancient earth languages.  Rarely translated and without mental understanding, the information is fully received and utilized by the heart and higher mind, free of resistance or limitations often created within the ever questioning logical mind.  


Velentaya's role is not to interpret or direct the transmission, but to serve as a vehicle for the information and transformation to take place.


Always a divine blessing, the Language of Light is a heart-felt experience and transmission of pure love that attunes us to higher vibratory alignment.  

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