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Working   with  Velentaya  has  been a life changing experience for  me.  Her  sessions   are

highly experiential, each one different from the next.  I never know what kind of journey I will be taken on, but as soon as the work begins, I can feel myself shift into a higher vibrational state where my entire being is affected by the frequencies that are coming through.  I have experienced physical sensations, been taken on many visual journeys, and been intuitively guided to move my body or sign light codes during a session. Her work has moved me through many layers of the healing process and I have seen several physical, emotional, and spiritual shifts within myself.


Physically - Velentaya has channeled high dimensional sound harmonics to assist with healing pulled muscles, an eye infection, and a digestion issue that had been lingering for 2 months.  In one session, the digestion issue was gone.


Emotionally - I have been able to release deep blocks and patterns with Velentaya that I have tried to clear on my own through years of self healing and therapy.

Spiritually  -  I  am  an  energy  practitioner  and  an  intuitive  channel.  Since  working with


Velentaya my channeling has become stronger.  I would occasionally see light codes, but now I see a continuous flow of codes and energy frequencies  when  I   am  practicing   my  own  healing  work.  Her  work has opened  my  channel  to receive a more  clear  and powerful flow of  high  dimensional  energy and information  allowing  me  to  fully  open  up  to  my  gifts  and  move into greater alignment with my life’s purpose.


To  say  the least,  Velentaya’s  work  has  been  such a gift in  my own  life  and I’m  so  grateful  for the  sessions I  have  had with her.  I would recommend  her services to anyone  interested in any form of  healing or support  in higher  vibrational  alignment  and advancement of their own spiritual gifts.


Ashley DuFresne • Intuitive Channel • Hawaii   



You probably know the feeling when you see or hear someone

and you know that

whatever physical distance separates you, you know each other beyond time and space.  That was the feeling I had listening to Velentaya for the first time in an online show, and although I didn't know the how yet, I knew that I would definitely be part of her program.

And so it happened.  Since then, several times. And with each program, with each transmission, my world has expanded, my acceptance of myself has deepened, and my receptiveness toward the gifts and wonders of the world has grown.  Because, as I experience more and more often, miracles are naturally part of our lives.  

So what has changed? What have I been transforming over the last year and a half?  I have learned to say no to what is not a contribution (still practicing) and to say yes to what is a source of joy for me, even if others might think I'm crazy for it.  I have learned that asking for help when I need it doesn't mean weakness, and that there is always someone who is more than willing to lend a supportive hand.  In doing so, I have begun to make space in my life for a balance of outpouring and receiving. I am in a flow, curiously open to what tomorrow will bring and feeling great in my own shoes.


This is a fantastic adventure and Velentaya is a fabulous guide. She is a wonder herself and I warmly recommend her. Her natural kindness, openness and acceptance, as well as the great groups she works with, are a gift to anyone who has ever wondered what else is possible in our lives on Earth.  


Zsuzsi Alitisz • Hungary


As  a  Functional  Medicine  Practitioner  and spiritual seeker I have worked with  dozens of

different healers over the last 15 plus years.  Having done multiple sessions with Velentaya, all I can say is that her gifts are truly remarkable!

The energy and frequencies she brings through are tangible, palpable, and incredibly shifting, lingering long after the session is complete.  Her open access to multiple dimensions and beings allows her to bring in the exact sound harmonics needed for an individual to shift and heal quite rapidly.


I have sent many patients of mine to work with Velentaya, some with chronic/terminal diseases.  She has helped assist them in attuning to a higher vibration thus aligning them to new and more supportive timelines where healing can occur.  


I highly recommend that anyone on a spiritual path or anyone wanting to live a happier, healthier life work with Velentaya.  She is a modern mystic!


Nicole James • The Quantum Nutritionist • Wisconsin

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