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Velentaya Reece is a Vibrational Linguist who channels the language of light, the language of the Akash and written codes to heal and expand an individual beyond the current timeline of disharmony, to 

one which is in alignment with the soul blueprint.  A trance channel for the Sirians, Pleiadians, and other groups, she is an open vehicle for many dimensions and consciousnesses. Transmitting the frequency of Divine Love and sacred light information from Source, her work aims to balance the physical, mental and emotional bodies, crystalize the DNA and reconnect humanity to source consciousness and to their divine gifts and purpose.

Velentaya has used light and sound as a tool for shifting consciousness throughout her many incarnations in the multigalactic universe. The Sirians, serving as her gatekeepers, assist in preparing the vibrations and bringing forth all the benevolent beings to transmit these divine frequencies. Every transmission is a multisensory experience as these beings utilize her structure, consciousness and vocal cords to interact in real time. The result is a dimensional shift that offers a new experience or change in vibration for the individual, as well as activating alternate and more harmonious timeline potentials.

Velentaya is honored to assist humanity in their ascension journey by sharing these Divine Light Codes to all who are called to receive.  She currently helps clients all over the world activate, integrate and embody their Divinity as they align to their highest frequency timeline and live their most inspired and joyous life. 

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