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Velentaya opens each session by offering a statement of intention and by asking the highest Guides for assistance in delivering these divine frequencies.  It is encouraged to have a particular area of focus in mind prior to your session, but know that an open intention is always welcome as it will allow the Guides to direct the work to what is most appropriate for your highest and greatest good.  

Understand that during a Divine Light Session your entire structure is flooded with high vibration light coded frequencies. You will be affected on a physical and energetic level.  This can be a very powerful experience for many. It’s important you find a quiet space free of interruptions for the duration of your session with dedicated quiet time prior to and after your session for frequency integration.  


Participants have experienced life changing shifts after working with Velentaya such as greater states of abundance, peace, love and overall well being.  Many have seen injuries and illnesses clear shortly after or faster than predicted. Some have both awakened and strengthened their spiritual gifts, as well as discovered new gifts. Many have experienced a new and profound sense of purpose with a strengthened connection to their Higher Self and to higher states of consciousness. Nearly all have reported a new found flow with life moving through the day to day with greater ease and joy.


Although Velentaya does not record client sessions, you will receive a link to join a video call with the option to record your session directly to your hard drive.  


Note that you are encouraged to record your session as Divine Light Activations can be listened to multiple times due to the many layers of light information encoded within. Clients have seen continued shifts with up to 10 listens to a single session.   *Keep in mind that recording may not be an option if you join the call via phone or tablet.  


Please note: A session with Velentaya does not involve predictions or the sharing of psychic information. It does, however, create a dimensional shift that offers new experiences and change in vibration, as well as opening new timeline potentials. It is up to the client to actively participate in maintaining and supporting the work post session.

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