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Divine Light


Transformation 2024

There will be a short message delivered by Velentaya and the Guides along with a Divine Light DNA activation to support every participant's unique vibrational needs in each NOW moment.   

These channeled transmissions hold the monthly crystalline frequency offerings to resurrect our Divine Source technology and to reclaim greater freedom, sovereignty and all aspects of our spiritual selves into unity and wholeness.  

The Guides often bring forth a variety of interactive practices such as sacred breath, Divine Light chant and subtle movement, allowing for new levels of of connection and embodiment.  Together as we intentionally breathe, speak, move and receive Pure Source Light, we co-create a vibrational gateway for profound transformation where shifts continue long after  the transmission is experienced. 

The Membership Portal opens in January, where we will meet online, once a month, at 7pm Eastern for 60 minutes.  (12 sessions total) Participation is encouraged as there will be time for Q&A.  Additional Membership Options can be found below

All calls are recorded and replays will be posted in the online membership platform up to 48 hours after the live event.   Multiple listens are encouraged, as each listen offers new layers of release, transmutation and transformation.


These monthly activations provide a wonderful space for community, connection and endless opportunity for expansion and embodiment.  

I Look Forward to a Transformational Journey Together as One during this Powerful Time of Collective Ascension!

"The Divine Light Portal" is a LIVE online membership platform inspired through   higher   guidance   as   vibrational   support   to     

ground our highest potentials while navigating the monthly energies with greater  clarity, presence and purpose. 

Group Session Packages



1 Year Membership • $111
(payment plan available 
at time of purchase)

7pm Eastern • 60 Minutes • Once a Month

1 Month Membership • $22

7pm Eastern • 60 Minutes •
July 9th Activation

Private Session Bundle• $333
(payment plan available 
at time of purchase)

1 Year Membership + Discounted
60 Minute Private Session

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