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A Divine Light Session is an intimate and loving experience that attunes you to the vibration of your Divine Blueprint and to higher vibrational  timelines  of   perfect  health,  infinite   abundance,   inner

peace, love, joy and purpose. Combined with raising the consciousness of the planet, Velentaya’s mission is twofold: To help spiritually awakened people activate their Soul Gifts and to assist others in living their most inspired and harmonious life aligned to the higher dimensions, anchored in divine love, trust, and flow.

The beauty of this work is that it offers a new, faster, and more empowered approach to alignment.  Many traditional modalities focus on what needs “healed” or the “stories” behind one’s suffering. Knowing why you have chosen a lower vibrational timeline will not align you to one that is more harmonious.  Most often this information can cause a person to stay stuck in their stories and in the patterns, programs, and limiting beliefs they are trying to move beyond. In order to move to a higher vibrational timeline you must raise your current vibration.  This can happen very easily in a Divine Light Session because the channeled light coded sound harmonics bypass the ego mind and speak directly to the heart, higher self, and the cellular body. Here light coded information is received easily, effortlessly, and without resistance opening up higher vibrational timelines attuned to your Divine Blueprint.


Participants have experienced life changing shifts after working with Velentaya such as greater states of abundance, peace, love and overall well being.  Many have seen injuries and illnesses clear shortly after or faster than predicted. Some have both awakened and strengthened their spiritual gifts, as well as discovered new gifts. Many have experienced a new and profound sense of purpose with a strengthened connection to their Higher Self and to higher states of consciousness. Nearly all have reported a new found flow with life moving through the day to day with greater ease and joy. 


To view the types of sessions Velentaya offers click here.   


  • change your frequency faster than more traditional healing modalities

  • collapse timelines of struggle and move into more harmonious and higher vibrational timelines 

  • release and clear physical & emotional pain or trauma

  • experience vibrant health

  • develop deep self love

  • experience inner peace, joy, and divine love every day

  • discover your life purpose

  • enhance your spiritual gifts 

  • release programs, patterns, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • anchor in divine light and raise your vibration

  • live stress free

  • strengthen the connection to your Higher Self

  • become a conscious creator in living your best life

  • activate the DNA to elevate consciousness and tune to higher frequencies with every transmission

  • live your most inspired and harmonious life and SO MUCH MORE!

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